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  1. Ginger 12,000mg
    • High strength ginger doses act as an anti-inflammatory which can be used to help reduce arthritis symptoms
    • Ginger eases gastrointestinal problems by cleansing the body and promoting perspiration
    • Ginger helps to reduce nausea, indigestion, IBS and intestinal cramping

  2. Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg
    • May help relieve joint pains and arthritis symptoms
    • Assists repair and maintenance of cartilage
    • Glucosamine is essential in the production of Synovial fluid

  3. Magnesium


    • Supports muscle function & functioning of nervous system
    • Known to reduce cramp
    • Reduces fatigue and tiredness

  4. Organic Flaxseed Oil
    • Flaxseed Oil is known to support the role of the digestive system
    • Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found adding Flax seeds into your diet can reduce cholesterol
    • Reduced sugar cravings, balance hormones, promote weight loss

  5. Organic Spirulina
    • It increases antioxidant protection, fights free radicals & the aging process
    • High content of B12 makes it excellent for nerve issues
    • Pound for pound higher concentration of protein than chicken, fish and beef

  6. Rose Hip 3200mg
    Bones, Joints & Immunity
    • Reduce joint pain and stiffness naturally
    • A popular partner to Glucosamine
    • Powerful antioxidant

  7. Spectrum Multivitamin
    • Can help boost the body's defences against infections and other minor illnesses
    • Contains over 26 essential vitamins and minerals
    • Reduces the chances of vitamin deficiency

  8. Vitamin D3 5000u
    The 'Sunshine' Vitamin
    • Treats conditions that cause weak and painful bones
    • 20% of UK citizens are Vitamin D deficient
    • Helps prevent low calcium and improves energy levels

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